Sensations and flavors of other times

Ticino outstanding experience in a natural paradise away from the crowd and chaos, our house is one of the most beautiful in Switzerland for its style and authenticity.

Food and Beverages

Our belief is to revisit the original flavours. Inspired by traditions, even from different cultures, we can create innovative combinations, giving space to the Chef’s imagination. In search of the excellence of the territory, the food produced locally by small breeders and farmers is the key to the taste and freshness of our dishes.

E-Bike Rent

New for summer 2022
With the arrival of summer, our structure will make available to its customers the new rental service of electric bike with pedal assistance, allowing you to explore the areas and woods near the structure.

Request more information at the facility.

The Hotel and Surroundings

The “Albergo della Posta” was registered as a hotel as early as 1888. It was the first hotel in the wild Malcantone at that time. After several renovations and expansions, compared to the original design, nowadays the hotel looks like a romantic Ticinese house, that has many stories to tell with an overview of over 100 years of tourism.


Eat and Drink


Our belief is to re-visit the flavors, because inspired by traditions, even from different cultures, we can create innovative combinations, giving  room to the fantasy of the Chef. In seach of excellence from the territory, Biologic production of  small ranchers and farmers, are the key to goodness‘ and freshness of our dishes.

Giardino e piscina


The Hotel and the Surroundings

L “Albergo della Posta”, was registered as hotel in the 1888.

It was the first  hotel in  the wild Malcantone at that time.

Afther several renovations, now looks like a romantic tipical tincinese house, which have 100 years of turistic story to say.

A bar can be found in the tavern. Here is where you’d come for a drink and canapes to relax after a day out exploring the area or a week at work.

If you are after total relax our newly renovated tea room is the right place.


Astano and Surroundings

Astano Lake

Surrounded by greenery, the splendid Astano lake.
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All information about Malcantone.
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Astano Municipality

Official website of Astano municipality.
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Sessa Gold Mines

Recently renovated and open to public.
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Albergo della Posta is member of “Swiss Historic Hotels”


Albergo della Posta, which literally translates into post office hotel, takes its name from Astano’s old post office in the Malcantone municipality. In fact around the 2nd half of the 19th century Albergo della Posta was built exactly where that old post office once was.
Upon completion of the additional building facing south, the first guests were hosted at Albergo della Posta in 1888.
Through the 20th century the hotel was renovated a couple of times:

In 1964 the garden, terraces and swimming pool were added to the initial dining room. The furniture, dating back to the opening of the Albergo, was partially renovated as well.
Twenty years later the nearby land was bought and an extension was built following the project of architech Dolf Schnebli from Ticino.
In 2005 ICOMOS Suisse, the International Council on Monuments and Sites, in collaboration with GastroSuisse, Hotelleriesuisse and Switzerland Tourism have given Albergo della Posta a special award “for the heritage conservation and respect of the original site; and for showing passion and love in the Ticino hotel tradition”

As a result Albergo della Posta is now one of the 50 Swiss Historic HotelsTo be part of this group one has to keep preserving the authenticity of the building and its design with extreme dedication and care. There are only 50 historic hotels throughout the whole of Switzerland and we are staying in one of them. Boasting green land, a garden, swimming pool, and two tennis courts it is hard not to see why so many enjoy relaxing at Albergo della Posta where the only noise you’ll hear is coming from birds singing in the nearby woods.

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